Marketing Overview For Your Business

I'm amazed at how many people in the pressure washing business have no marketing plan in place. They complain about having little or no work, but when asked how much marketing they've done for their new business, they say, "well I placed an ad in the paper and posted a few flyers this month".

Well here's a reality check for you. Pressure washing jobs aren't going to fall out of the sky and your phone isn't going to be ringing off the hook with potential clients unless you're willing to put serious effort into marketing your business.

Personally I believe, the marketing aspect of the business is far more important than actually doing the pressure washing work, and if you are not willing to market your business then you might as well go get a day job working for somebody else.  Most successful companies take at least 25% of the profits and put it right back into marketing for the company, and I'd wager the businesses with the best marketing plan in place come out to be the winners.

Do you realize what kind of position you could place your company in with an effective marketing plan?  Not only would you have more work than your company could handle, but you could potentially start referring work to other companies for a 25%-30% commission.

One thing I've noticed is that some people in this business are just not cut out to be marketers. They're great at doing manual labor, but they're skills at selling and communicating with people lack the finesse needed to make people believe they are making the right decision in choosing your company. If you fall into this category then you need to re-think your marketing strategy.
It takes work to get your foot into the door to some of these property management companies, and if you don't have the right communication skills then you better find someone that does. I highly recommend hiring a full time marketer for your business if you're not willing to get serious or lack the communication skills to do it right. 

So my question to you is, how much marketing have you done for your business this week?