Rotary Spray Nozzles

Rotary nozzles are excellent for cleaning tough surfaces such as caked on mud or stubborn spots on concrete driveways. The nozzle discharges the water in a circular motion which adds a scrubbing ability to the cleaning process. This type of nozzle can be used for rust removal, paint and graffiti removal, wall paint stripping, cleaning concrete, removing mud and clay from highway and construction equipment, removing gum from sidewalks, and much more.

The rotary nozzle has a zero degree spray pattern which is the same as the red spray nozzle tip. The power of this spray nozzle combined with the circular spray motion is the biggest reason why this nozzle is great for stripping paint and graffiti removal, provided the pressure washer has enough of a PSI rating.
When using this nozzle with a pressure washer with a 4000 PSI rating and a 4.0 GPM commercial pump, it can be great at removing mud, clay and other grime off the walls of your home or your driveway. It also works great with lesser rated machines, but it lacks the cleaning effectiveness of higher-end model equipment.

Depending upon the distance of the wand to the surface being cleaned the spray pattern the average spray pattern will cover an area of 4 to 8 inches wide depending upon the distance from the wand to the surface area being cleaned. Compared to the flat fan spray nozzles, the rotary spray nozzles are more effective at cleaning those tough dirt and grime buildups.
When choosing the right rotary spray nozzle for your machine there are a few details to keep in mind. The rotary nozzles are typically rated for maximum pressure, maximum temperature, max flow and Inlet connection. For example, a small rotary spray nozzle will usually have maximum ratings as follows: 2,500 PSI, 140 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.0 GPM, and for an inlet connection a water filter with ¼” Quick-Connect.